Firmware Release for WAG200G

New Firmware Released for WAG200G.

Firmware Version : 1.01.04 (ETSI)
Release Date : 04 April, 2007

Fixes :
- Fixes issue with incorrect upstream/downstream transmit power display on DSL Connection page
- Fixes issue with ATT VPN client not connecting to ATT VPN network
- Fixes issue with Security information disclosure for UDP port scan packet

Click here to download the firmware :

Firmware Release WRT54GC

New Firmware Released for WAG160N.

Firmware Version: v1.05.7
Release Date : 04/12/2007

Fixes :
- Resolves security issue with UDP port 916 reported by Secunia and Daniel Niggebrugge by allowing users to disable the use of the setup wizard.

Click here to download the frimware.

WRT54GR and WRE54G v3.

How to connect the WRE54G to WRT54GR.

WRE54G uses Wireless Distribution System to communicate with the wireless devices.
  • Make sure the firmwares on both the devices are latest.
  • Connect a computer to the WRT54GR.
  • Connect the WRE54G to WRT54GR.
  • On the computer Open Internet Explorer [or any browser].
  • In the address bar type : [default IP Address] a popup should appear.
  • Make sure the Popup blocker is Disabled.
  • The default password is admin.
  • Once in the Setup page click on Wireless [Second TAB on the top].
  • In this TAB you can configure the wireless settings for tyhe router like the MODE, Name of the network [SSID] and the CHANNEL.
  • Whatever settings you do here you need to copy the same on the Range Expander.
  • Minimise the WRT54GR Setup Page. Open a new Internet Explorer.
  • In the Address Bar type : [Default IP Address of WRE54G].
    The default password is admin.
  • Once in the Setup page configure the wireless settings same as that of the WRT54GR.
  • Also if the wireless network is encrypted, do the relevant settings on the Range Expander.
  • Save Settings. Turn OFF the WRT54GR and WRE54G.
  • Place the WRE54G where the signal is weak.
  • Turn the WRT54GR ON wait for 10 seconds.
  • Turn the WRE54G ON. Check the lights.
  • The ACTIVITY led lights up whenever there is a successful wireless connection and will flash whenever there is wireless network activity.
  • The LINK led lights up when the Range Expander is powered ON. This light will appear blue when the Range Expander is connected to a functioning Access Point or wireless router. It will light up RED when there is NO Access Point or Wireless router to connected to or the settings on the RE does not match with the router.