File Sharing in Windows 2000 !

File Sharing in Windows 2000.

Step : 1 Click Start, Settings, then Control Panel.

Step 2 : Double-click Network and Dial-up Connections then Local Area Connection.

Step 3 : Check for the following:
  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
  • Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • NetBEUI
  • IPx/SPx

NOTE: If you don't have NetBEUI or IPx /SPx please go to Step 4, otherwise proceed to Step 5.

Step 4 : Click Install and select the protocol that needs to be added:

  • NetBEUI
  • IPx/SPx Compatible Protocol

Step 5 : Click Close then Close again to go back to Control Panel.

Step 6 : When the Control Panel appears, double-click System.

Step 7 : When System Properties appears, click Network Identification then Properties.

Step 8 : Make sure the computer name you're using is a unique name and workgroup is selected, not domain.

NOTE: Make sure the computer has the same Workgroup as the rest of the network.

File And Printer Sharing

Although linksys devices do support file and printersharing, Linksys do not officially provide voice , email or chat support for the same and if you need to still configure it, do it at your own risk.

For Windows XP :

Step 1 : Click Start, then Control Panel.

Step 2 : Double-click Network Connections and look for Network Tasks in the left panel.

Step 3 : Select Set up a home or small office network to run the networking wizard.

Step 4 : Select This computer connects to the Internet through a residential gateway or through another computer on my network then click Next.

Step 5 : Once the wizard is finished, you'll have to make a floppy disk that you'll run on the other computers on the network to set them up.

Step 6 : Restart the computers. You should now be able to share files.

Firmware Release for WAG54GX2.

New Firmware Released for WAG54GX2.

Firmware version : 1.00.09
Release Date : February 22, 2006

Fixes :
- Resolves issue with duplicate 128-bit WEP Keys when using Generate button.
- Resolves issue with data transmission through IPSec VPN tunnel over PPPoA.
- Resolves issue with PPTP Passthrough over PPPoA.
- Resolves issue with missing time zones.
- Resolves issue with continuous reboot for incorrect PPPoA authentication.
- Resolves issue with DDNS status message.
- Updated all configured remote management ports to use HTTP protocol.
- Updated wireless security help page to include WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.
- Updated advanced wireless setting ranges.

Click here to download the firmware.