How to Connect to Tiscali DSL in the Netherlands

In order to connect to the Tiscali DSL network in the Netherlands, please make sure you are using the most recent firmware for your Linksys ADSL modem or gateway.  Recommended firmware versions can be found in the table below.
For Instructions on Upgrading Firmware on a Linksys Router, Click here.

Device  Minimum firmware version required
 AG241 v2
 WAG54G v2 Annex-A
 WAG54G v2 Annex-B
 WAG54GX2 Annex-A
 WAG54GX2 Annex-B
 WAG54GS Annex-A
 WAG54GS Annex-B
 WAG200G Annex-A
 WAG354G v1 Annex-A  
 WAG354G v1 Annex-B
 WAG300N Annex-A

After upgrading your firmware, follow these steps:

  1. After upgrading your firmware, reset your modem or gateway by holding down the Reset button for approximately 15 seconds. 

  2. Access the web-based Setup utility located at (Type these numbers in the address bar of your favorite browser)

  3. When prompted, enter "admin" for username and "admin" for the password.

  4. When the Setup page appears, you will need to enter the correct settings to connect to the Tiscali network.  The settings you should use are as follows:

    Encapsulation:  RFC1483 Bridged
    Multiplexing:  LLC
    VPI:  0
    VCI:  34
(menu style and options will vary by model and firmware version)

CIT300 Continues to Ring After Pickup

The CIT300 Skype Phone Continues to Ring even after Pickup.

This is normal.  Although a nuisance, the call is not delayed and you are allowed to complete the call successfully on the second handset.  The status on the CIT300 will indicate a "missed call".
NOTE:  This behavior is caused by the Skype service and is not limited to Linksys phones.