Configure WRE54G !

How to Configure WRE54G with any wireless Access Point to increase the Range ?

A Range Expander is the easiest way to expand the wireless network range or coverage. You don't need to use any wire connection to your network. The use of a Range Expander enables wireless connectivity in the areas of the house where the wireless signal of the existing Access Point / router is weak and where the cabling is impracticle. A Range Expander is a perfect solution to help cover large areas in multi-story homes, warehouse environments, public spaces, and wireless "Hot Spots" -- anywhere you need extra coverage for your wireless network. If the existing wireless network is unsecured, the installation of the Range Expander is very simple. Just plug it in and press the Auto Configuration button. The Expander will find your wireless network and configure itself automatically. The Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander works with most Wi-Fi certified access points and wireless routers. And it works in both Wireless-G and Wireless-B modes so you'll get the benefits of increased coverage even with a mixed network.

The Default IP Address of the Range Expander is The default Password is admin. To get an optimal range from WRE54G, place it at a farther location where a computer still receives signal from your wireless router or access point. WRE54G uses WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to associate / synchronise with the wireless Access Point / Router. The setup CD will detect WRE54G when run from an wireless computer. You can use another WRE54G to expand the Range of the previous one but remember that the transmission speed coming from each Expander will be half that of the source.

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Cannot send/receive mails thru Outlook Express.

If you cannot Send or receive mails thru the Linksys router, follow these simple steps.

1) Reduce the MTU from the router's Setup Page.
2) Go to Administration and Gamin tab and trigger the Ports 25 and 110.
3) Powercycle the router and the computers. If Still doesnt work,Reset and Reconfigure the router.
4) If Still No luck, Upgrade the Firmware on the router. If the firmware appears to be the latest, Reflash the firmware.
5) If still doesnt work,Connect Using the ISP Modem,if cannot send/recv Mails. Contact the ISP.