File and Printer Sharing in Windows 98/ME !

Enabling File and Printer Sharing in Windows 98/ME !

Step 1 : Click Start, Settings, then Control Panel.

Step 2 : Double-click Network and check the following under the Configuration tab:
  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol > Network Card
  • NetBEUI > Network Card
  • TCP/IP > Network Card
  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

NOTE: If you don't have IPx/SPx, and/or NetBEUI you'll have to click add, protocols, then Microsoft and select which ever protocol you need.

Step 3 : Under Primary Network Log On, set it to Client for Microsoft Networks.
Step 4 : Click File and Printer Sharing and make sure both boxes are checked.
Step 5 : Click the Identification tab and make sure the Workgroup name is identical on all computers on the network. Computer name has to be unique on each computer.
Step 6 : Under Access Control, make sure Share Level Access Control is checked.
Step 7 : Click OK then restart the computer.

Enabling File Sharing

Step 1 : Double-click My Computer.
Step 2 : Right-click the drive then right-click the folder you want to make available to other users.
Step 3 : Click Sharing then the Sharing tab.
Step 4 : Click Share As then enter your drive or folder name in the Share Name field. The name on Share Name may vary depending on your preference.
Step 5 : Decide which type of access you want to give other users. A Read-Only access allows other users to view the files on your PC. Full access allows users to create, change, or delete files on your system. Depends on Password allows users have Read-Only and/or Full access, depending on the password that you decide to share with them.
Step 6 : Use your mouse to select the type of file sharing access you want other users to have. If you want to assign access password(s), type them into the Password fields. When you're done, click Apply then OK. Your drive(s) can now be accessed from other users whenever they click their Windows 95 Network Neighborhood icons. If a user tries to access one of your drives that is password-protected, he/she will be asked for the appropriate Read-Only or Full access password. After the item is shared, you will see a hand appear underneath the folder or hard disk.

Sharing Printers
Step 1 : Double-click My Computer then click the Printers folder.
Step 2 : Right-click the printer you want to share with the other users.
Step 3 : Click Sharing then the Sharing tab.
Step 4 : Click Share As. Look for the Share Name field, give a name to the printer you're about to share. If you want to assign a password to the printer so only certain users can access it, enter it in the Password field.
Step 5 : Click Apply then OK. Your printer(s) are now shared.

NOTE: If you're using Windows 98/ME and want to access a Windows 2000/XP PC, you may not be able to access the shared portions of the Windows 2000/XP computer due to user right restrictions. To get around this, you may want to have the Window 2000/XP PC access the files from the 98/ME machine. Otherwise, you'll need to setup User permissions. Please remember that Linksys does not warrant this information and will not be held responsible for any software corruption as the result of this information. For more information regarding User permissions, check Microsoft’s website or contact their technical support.

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