Frequently Asked Questions for CIT400.

Frequently Asked Questions for CIT400.

Does the CIT400 need to be logged into Skype to use the PSTN (Landline)?
No, the PSTN (Landline) will work without Skype being logged in.

Will I be able to listen to my voice mail through the phone?

If I am on a Skypeout call and my I receive an incoming PSTN call, will I be able to place the Skype call on hold to answer the PSTN call?

I cannot make a call out through my landline using SkypeOut. What could be wrong?
Make sure that you enter 00,+ or 011 before you dial out. This is required for making calls on SkypeOut.

I seem to be getting poor audio quality, what can I do to make the quality better?
It might be due to to signal interference. There might be some interference from nearby electrical appliances such as microwave ovens and cordless phones or the Base Station is installed in a room with thick walls. It can be that the handset is too far from the base unit. If so, move the Handset closer to the Base Station.

Will I be able to put a Skype caller on hold and call a PSTN line from the same handset?
No, for you to make a call (PSTN) you will first need to hang the Skype call up

Will my Skype contacts be visible through my Skype phone?
Yes, if you go into the Menu option and choose Skype there you will see your contacts.

Can I make an outgoing (PSTN) call on a secondary handset when someone is using the first handset on a Skype call?
To make an outgoing call (PSTN) on a secondary handset when someone else is on a Skype call with the first handset, pick up the second handset and dial out the number. If you hear a busy tone that means that the PSTN line is in use.

The CIT400H is a handset for CIT400.