WAG54G2 : Wireless-G ADSL2+ GatewayThe all-in-one modem and router solution for Internet connectivity
High-speed ADSL2+ Modem gives you a fast, "Always On" connection to the Internet
Connect your PCs via the built-in Router and 4-port Switch to jump start your Ethernet network and share the Internet throughout your household
Built-in Wireless-G (802.11g) Access Point with integrated high-gain antenna also lets you connect without running wires
Advanced firewall and security


  1. MAke a new firmware ffs.. it sucks

  2. Agreed.... It doesn't even work with my XBOX360's wireless.

  3. I dont have any problems ... its working fine with my xbox too .... just assign a static ip address to xbox and forward these ports for that IP Address :

    TCP 80
    UDP 88
    UDP 3074
    TCP 3074
    UDP 53
    TCP 53

  4. Why DHCP doesn't work proper on Wi-Fi? Who know answer, please answer skoky@msn.com

  5. The DHCP works fine ... try to reset and configure the router again .... it shld work

  6. No ssh, no telnet, not possible to do wake on lan... just incredible.

    Upgrades of the firmware are not available on many countries and there is a big security hole in the original firmware. Not very serious...

  7. upgrade firmware to 1.00.17 does not help.

  8. Or Playstationnetwork or Xboxnetwork u must set MTU

    in Dos commande in windows type

    ping -f -l 1470 playstationnetwork.com

    u see reasult , when not true answer u must less than 1470

    when true answer set in router

  9. yep - pain in the ass router - Cisco should hold their heads in shame...

  10. Can't even reboot from web interface. Avoid this piece of shit

  11. how the hell do i download thing like java and stuff

  12. can't forward to 255 in order to wake on lan
    the firmware triple checks if the input value is between 1 to 254
    it's inteded to work like this
    horrible piece of hardware