Linksys Media Hub

The new Media Hub will come with or without an LCD screen and in three options allowing users to use the 2 SATA drive bays for their own hard drives or alternatively opt for the more consumer friendly 500GB version or the meaty 1TB offering. The hub is easy to set up, and can be accessed anywhere remotely, using any browser. You can upload pictures, movies and audio from any USB device, or pull together any files found within your network, including Apple-compatible formats. And you can manage capacity from your computer or via the Web. It's all about OOBE [Out Of Box Experience".

All UPnP devices on your network including the Xbox 360 will be able to see the Media Hub. It is also DLNA 1.5 certified meaning it should work with some Nokia and Samsung mobile phones. The Media Hub will also come with backup software so PC users will be able to back up their computers over the network.

Features :
  • Storage : The Media Hub finds your files where they live on your home network. If you got three songs on your laptop and the rest on another computer? It’ll find them and organize them by artist and album. Same for your photos, movies, and documents. So your files are accessible and orderly, in one place, whether you’re at home or on the road.

  • Automatic or On-Demand Backup
    Photos, home movies, and precious documents are irreplaceable. But they’ll be safer and more secure with timed automatic backup. The files in the folders you choose can be automatically copied to the Media Hub on a recurring basis. So you never have to think about backing them up again.

  • Expandability
    You’ve got options. Use your own hard drive, or choose one of Linksys's. Media Hub models are available with hard drives and there’s an extra drive bay so you can add another hard drive. Depending on your hard drive configuration, you can have room enough to fill your Media Hub with hundreds of thousands of photos or music files, and hundreds of hours of movies.

  • Web Access
    It’s a digital photographer’s dream. If you shoot a lot of photos and have had issues emailing them, then the Media Hub offers you a better way. Thanks to our remote access hosted by Cisco, you can give out your Media Hub’s Web address so friends and family can view your photos in the same place.

  • Media Readers:
    With the Media Hub 400 series, you can even pop your SD card right into the Media Hub, skipping the PC step entirely. Off on an adventure? Stop in an Internet cafĂ© to upload photos remotely to your Media Hub’s Web address, so they’re more secure and available for viewing. It supports 2 USB ports and 1 media reader that supports these memory cards: CF/MD/MS/SD/XD/MMC

  • Streaming:
    The Media Hub plugs into your wireless router and then streams your files. The Media Hub is capable of streaming three simultaneous high-definition video streams. Like to the computer :The Media Hub’s software interface makes it easy to view and play your photos, music and movies right on any PC on your network. You don’t even need a live Internet connection. Second dtreaming example is on the TV like if you have a PlayStation3, XBOX 360 or other media extender/DMA, you can stream movies and slideshows from the Media Hub to your TV. And the third streaming example would be on a stereo. The UPnP-enabled wireless music bridges or receivers, including Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio systems, can play digital music stored on your Media Hub.

Media Hub 410 [NMH410], Media Hub 405 [NMH405] and Media Hub 305 [NMH305] are products included in the Media Hub Family.

I will soon cover the specifications and detailed descriptions of the Products in the Media Hub Family.

Linksys rocks !!!

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