iPhone not connecting to Linksys

How to connect apple iPhone to Linksys router / modem ?
iPhone not connecting to Linksys router / modem.

1. Ensure Wireless is enabled under Settings > Wi-Fi and turn it ON.
2. Join a network by selecting Settings > Wi-Fi.
3. Select the network you would like to connect to.
4. You may need to enter a password, then select Join.

Now enjoy the Internet. You will know if the device is connected to a wireless network if the Wi-Fi logo appears on the top bar of the screen.


  1. this can do even a stupid !

    my iphone doesn't show any networks , so how to select if it is not there ????????????

    my router works fine , my laptop conects to wi-fi , also my brother's iphone too , but mine not .

  2. worst ever all you did was say to turn wireless on that doesnt solve any problems at all

  3. did you figure this out? i am unable to get my iphone to connect to my WRT320N dual band router. it can't find the network even when i type it into the phone.

  4. with 4.3.3 upgrade my iphone 3GS and ipod not connecting to wifi...anybody can help??