What is Access Point? How to configure it?

Access Point can be defined as a device that is used as a wireless hotspot. A Router or a Modem can be called as an Access Point. In simple words, a device that helps you to connect to a wireless network is called as an Access point.

Access Point can be configured in 2 ways.
    1.   If the Access Point is a Router or a Modem, You need to configure it along with the internet settings of the router/modem. Generally the Internet Service Provider (ISP)'s settings are not necessary to configure an Access Point. The settings you need are the SSID (Name of the Wireless Network), Wireless Channel and the Wireless Security. Click here to know more about wireless settings and here to know about Wireless Security.

    2.   If the Router or the Modem you using doen not have wireless functionality in it, than you can connect the Access Point with a cable to the router/modem, configure the wireless settings and start broadcasting.

To use the Access Point as a Repeater, view this post.

Lets see about the Cisco WAP200E Access Point. 

WAP200E is a popular for its stability and good consistent performance. If you happen to face any issues with WAP200E, you don't need to reconfigure all the settings. Rather just turn off the device, wait for 5 seconds and turn it back on. It will Work absolutely fine. Weather-resistant housing allows for outdoor deployments, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality frees the device from proximity to an electrical outlet. You don't need to connect this device to any power outlet. Its RangeBooster technology reaches up to twice as far as standard 802.11g, with reduced dead spots and improved throughput up to 35 percent.

For more information on WAP200E, Visit this link.

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