How do i connect the CIT400.

  • CIT400 Requires a Base Station. The base station does not need to be connected to your computer with a USB cable; it just needs to be connected to a router. So now you dont need to wait until your computer turns ON, Skype is already installed on the headset. Just Plug and Dial !
  • You can route calls between Skype or standard telephone line Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • It has a Graphical color LCD display. Also has voice encryption for security. 120 hours standby time, 10 hours talk time. Automatic updates on Skype client.

  • You can use maximum of 4 handsets with a single Base Station.
  • The CIT400 needs one (or two) connection(s) to work:
(1) An ethernet connection which ultimately gets its own IP address and provides connectivity to the Internet. You will probably need a router for this connection.
(2) An optional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) connection - in other words, an wired landline telephone connection.

Connection 1 is necessary if you wish to allow the CIT400 to have access to Skype.
Connection 2 is necessary if you wish to allow the CIT400 to have access to your wired telephone line

To Conference a call :
You can place a conference call with two other callers, if one of the other handsets share your same base unit.
During a conference call, access the Options menu for other functions and features.
1. Call the first Skype contact or landline user through SkypeOut.
2. Press the INT key.
3. Scroll to find the handset you want to include in the call.
4. Press CALL.
5. When the caller on the second handset answers, press CONF. You are now on a 3-way call.

Call Forwarding : Make sure that Call Forwarding is done properly or the handset wont ring and the calls will go directly to Voicemail !
You can redirect Skype calls to another landline or mobile number.
1. Press Menu.
2. Scroll to Settings. Press Select.
3. Scroll to Call Settings. Press Select.
4. Scroll to Call Forward. Press Select. (you will do this twice).
5. Scroll to Yes or Call Forward (if changing the call forward number). Press Select.