How to upgrade the firmware on Linksys routers.

How to upgrade the firmware on Linksys routers.

Following are the steps to upgrade the Firmware on Linksys routers.
This process applies to almost all Linksys Products.

Disconnect all wireless clients from the router during the upgrade process. Make sure no wireless clients attempt to associate with the router until the upgrade process is complete.

Step 1 :
Download the firmware from the Linksys Website and save it on the desktop in a new folder called Linksys. The file might be zipped. So unzip the files first.

Step 2 :
Open the setup page of the router. To open the setup page, open Internet Explorer from a computer connected to the router. In the Address Bar type The default password is admin.

Step 3 :
After upgrading the firmware, reset the router for 30 seconds. To reset the router, locate the reset button on the router and press it with a pointed object when the router is ON.

Step 4 :
After resetting the router, turn OFF the Router and the Modem. Keep them OFF for sometime and then turn the Modem On first, wait until all the lights are solid, then the router.

Step 5 :
And its Done !!!
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