MTS Sucks

The MTS and MBLAZE  Short Review.
The new provider MTS Sucks bigtime. the Mblaze sucks too.

Do not think about going for it if u want to use it in rural places.
They boast about the urban cities linke Delhi, Pune, Mumbai that the coverage is very good.

Their promotional ads show that the service is faster than lightning speed but its not even up to the mark.

Some users have complained bout the speed to be as low as 1kbps. On healthy torrents the speed is 0.1 kbps-6kbps.

The customer service is the worst ever. There is no one to answer your call for days.

I will update the Serial Numbers and Mobile numbers of MTS and MBlaze soon.

MTS Sucks. MBlaze Sucks. MTS Data Card.

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