Setting up your Valet or Valet Plus for the first time

Setting up your Valet or Valet Plus for the first time.
This article describes how to setup up your Valet or Valet Plus for the very first time. You can also refer to this article if you are setting the Valet/Valet Plus on a new computer or after a reset on the Valet/Valet Plus.

For experienced users' there is another way to setup the router. Simply open the Setup Page by typing in the address bar of your favorite browser. The Default Password for Valet or Valet Plus is admin.

Follow the instructions to setup :

Your Valet or Valet Plus comes with an Easy Setup Key which makes the setup process quick and very simple. You'll have your Valet or Valet Plus up and running in no time.

Basic requirements before you begin:
i. An active Internet connection
ii. A computer with either a wireless or wired Ethernet adapter, running one of the operating systems below.
• Windows XP with Service Pack 3
• Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 or better
• Windows 7
• Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9
• Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11
• Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8
• Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.1

Step 1:
Your Valet/Valet Plus allows you the freedom to run setup from either a wired or wireless computer.  Therefore, depending on your preference, please perform the instructions following the scenario that best describes your computer below:
Scenario A:
You are using a computer with no wireless connectivity that is normally connected with an Ethernet cable to your DSL/Cable modem.
Instructions A: Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your computer, and connect the other end into one of the numbered Ethernet ports at the back of your Valet/Valet Plus. 

Scenario B:You are using a laptop with a built-in wireless adapter.
Instructions B:If you're using a laptop, ensure that its wireless feature is switched ON, and that it's positioned close to the Valet/Valet Plus.
NOTE: Most laptops have a switch that turns its wireless feature ON and OFF. Refer to your laptop's documentation or online help if you're unsure where this switch is located. This doesn't apply for external wireless adapters.

Step 2:Insert the supplied Easy Setup Key into any available USB port.

Step 3:A new window will appear on your screen.  Select Connect to your Cisco Valet, then click OK.  This will start the installation program.

Step 4:Read the Software End User License Agreement screen, then click Next to continue.

Step 5:On the next window, please follow the on-screen instructions on how to connect your Valet:
Plug one end of the power cable into your Valet and the other end into an electrical outlet.

         Plug the Internet cable into the yellow port at the back of your Valet labeled "Internet".  Plug the other end into the modem.

QUICK TIP:  Click Show me how for an illustrated guide on how to complete the above instructions.
Step 6:
Next to continue.

Step 7:Setup will now perform a series of tests to determine the optimum configuration for your network. 
NOTE:  You may notice your computer connecting and disconnecting to a wireless network several times.  This is normal because your wireless network is being configured.

NOTE:  The setup process automatically generates a unique and secure Wireless Network Name (SSID) for your convenience.

Step 8:The next part of the setup automatically detects your Internet connection type.  If you're using a DSL connection, you may be requested to enter your account details.  If this is the case, simply enter your Account name and Password in the allocated fields.  Otherwise, you may skip ahead to the Step 9.

NOTE: If you don't know your Account name and Password, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

QUICK TIP:  Click Examples to see what your Account name should look like.

NOTE:  Cable Internet users will not see the above screen.

Step 9:
The setup will then finalize your Valet or Valet Plus settings and re-establish your Internet connection. This process usually takes up to 5 minutes.

Step 10:Once your Internet connection is up and running, a confirmation window will appear on your screen. Your Valet or Valet Plus is now secure and connected to the Internet. Safely remove the Easy Setup Key from the USB port on your computer, then click OK to continue.

NOTE:  Remember to keep your Easy Setup Key in a safe place.  You will need it when connecting other computers to your Valet/Valet Plus.

Step 11:The Valet or Valet Plus setup ends by taking you to the main Cisco Connect screen which allows you to further personalize your Valet or Valet Plus settings. 

NOTE:  To launch Cisco Connect again at a later time, on a Windows computer, go to Start > All Programs > Cisco Connect.

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