CIT300 & Windows Vista.

How to use CIT300 with Windows Vista ?

  • Have Skype installed and running
  • Install the XP CIT-300 driver, do not launch CIT 300 yet. If the installer does not wish to install because of whatever it wishes to not like, install the software on some XP box and copy the c:\Program Files\Linksys folder someplace onto drive C and create a shortcut
  • Find cit300.exe in c:\Program Files\Linksys\CIT300\ (or Program Files (x86), in case of 64-bit windows). Go into Properties, Compatibility, and select "Run this program in compatibility mode", select XP service pack 2. On the bottom of the same windows you _may_ have to select "Run this program as administrator".
  • In case you have the base all plugged in at this moment - unplug the power cord to the base, count to 5, and plug it back in. Not the USB cord. The back of the base is convenient spot, one-hand operation.
  • Plug the base in if you didn't have it plugged in and let windows install the sound driver if it wishes.
  • Launch CIT300.exe. Tell skype to allow connections. Newer versions of Skype require two confirmations - one on the little pop-up and another in the events area.
  • If all goes well, CIT300 will say that if found the base and all is well. Press the "Skype" button on the phone to see your contacts. It takes sometimes a minute and a few button presses to get the entire list to the phone. If are still getting "UNAVAILABLE" on the handset, you probably messed up one of the step. Close CIT300.exe, power cycle the base, exhale, and launch CIT300 again. You will probably have to adjust sound settings in Skype options to have mic and speaker go to CIT-300. Everything works just fine !

Important : Every time you restart your computer or reboot, you must do the step 3 - unplug the base power and plug in again. Unplugging USB doesn't always work. At least my CIT-300 base has some USB connection bug that requires the power cycle. I would advise against putting CIT300.exe in Startup, because you'll have to shut it down to power cycle the base anyway.


  1. I am having issues when I use Skypeout, I get a busy signal. When I use Skypein, I also get a busy signal.

    I can call out on my contact list for Skype.

    I am setting up CIT300 on Windows Vista

    I thank you for help with this.

  2. i got my problemo solved ... i thank you too....

    great help
    cheers !

  3. it worked

  4. I am still having problems. I followed all of the steps above, but when I examine the Skype Audio settings, I see the CIT300 as a listed option for Microphone but not for Speakers. I have uninstalled (using Control Panel) and restarted Vista several times, but I see the same results.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I'm having trouble running CIT300 with Windows 7 (64-bit). Is anyone else having this trouble, and/or have any advice? Thanks!

  6. Try loading the latest firmware for CIT 300 that is 2.7.2

  7. Same problem - not working under Win 7. Reinstalation up to 2.7.2 change nothing. CIT300 firmware shows "Skype not logged in" while Skype shows "Another application was trying to contact but did not respond"... restart of W7 and/or both applications makes no difference.

  8. I'm having the same problem as you "Anonymous".

  9. it worked. thanks mates. thanks a ton!!!!
    its not the linkyss thats the problem bt i say its fuckin windows vista .. sombody put a stick up bill gates's arse .. hehehe .. well thanks again mate. good job

  10. Please let me know what the solution is