Firmware 1.00.10 released for WAG160N.
Firmware fixes :

  1. HNAP: FW writes settings back to flash when doing HNAP Getxxx.
  2. Outbound SIP call dropped in 25 seconds at, CBO, SIP.
  3. Web administrator username should be case insensitive, CBO, username
  4. HNAP SetMACFilter2: FW allows a multicast MAC address FF:0B:DC:6F:FE:01, CBO, HNAP Hnap wireless channel issue
  5. HNAP SetMACFilter2: FW allows duplicated MAC addresses, CBO, HNAP
  6. HNAP SetWlanRadioSettings: FW returned "ERROR_BAD_WIDTH" when setting channel bandwidth 40, CBO, HNAP
  7. HNAP SetRouterSettings: FW should not check remote management port if remote management is disabled, CBO, HNAP
  8. HNAP SetWanSettings: FW allows a broadcast gateway address, CBO, HNAP
  9. HNAP SetWanSettings: FW accepts blank PPPoE username with non-blank password, CBO, HNAP
  10. 10. DUT should be in WPA2-Mixed mode after WPA/WPA2 configuration by setup wizard, CBO, Setup Wizard

Click here to download the firmware

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