Firmware 1.00.12 released for WAG160N

Firmware 1.00.12 released for WAG160N.

Release Date: 09 Mar, 2009
Firmware Version: 1.00.12 (ETSI)

Features :
  1. DownloadSpeedTest(), DUT web UI(port 80) will be inaccessible if set buffer size to a large number
  2. v1.00.11, Wireless, Fail to find wireless SSID after set WPA password with "linksys" (7 chars)
  3. GetWLanRadios() cannot return correct WideChannel information
  4. GetDeviceSettings2() will return wrong country code for United Kingdom.
  5. Fix bug that SIP call can not be initialized from WAN to LAN if the SIP Invite packet of the SIP Server does'nt include port information.
  6. Atheros driver's changelist from to
  • Add FCC6 for Australia and Canada 5GHz.
  • Fixed problem in broadcast performance.
  • Disabled power constraint element when country IE is enabled on 2.4GHz channels since some stations will misunderstand the Power Constraint element and cause tx power to be set incorrectly.
  • Re-enabled 11n NF periodic Calibration
  • Fixed a problem where STA cannot reassociate to AP after beacon stuck & HW reset.
  • Enhanced dynamic allocation of TID buffers on ADDBA
  • Fixed throughput degradation issue during downstream TCP legacy co-existence tests
  • Addressed multiple BSSID performance issue.


  1. This is a very welcome firmware release, fixed ALL the issues I was experiencing with the device.

  2. This firmware is in error. Upon contacting Linksys Tech support you must use only upto version 11

  3. there is no error in the firmware anon.

    here is the link to download the firmware :

  4. I upgraded from 1.00.09 to 1.00.12 two days ago and my router has been rebooting itself every few minutes ever since. When I contacted Linksys support they told my to downgrade to version 10! Furthermore they told me they would email me the 1.00.10 firmware but they have not and it is not available on their site. So now I am left with useless router, an I have to say it was not that great to begin with.

    I asked the support guy why this version is on their site if it is no good, to which I did not get a reply.

    So I agree with the other anonymous user, this upgrade IS in error. DO NOT USE IT!!!!

    For those who are sceptical here is the transcript of the chat conversation. I obfuscated my contact details:

    Dear Valued Linksys Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support.

    Below you can find a transcript of your recent Live Chat session. In the event you need to contact Linksys Technical Support using Live Chat again, please reference the case number 090428-002615 so the agent can review this chat session.

    Thank you.

    © 2008 Linksys - A Division of Cisco. All rights reserved.

    **This is a system generated message and you will be unable to reply to this email. Replies to this message will not be recorded. If you have questions or need further assistance, please visit**
    Chat Transcript 04/28/2009 07:21 AM

    - [07:08:36 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): Thank You for Contacting Linksys Live Chat Support. My name is Harsh, How may I help you today? [07:12:52 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): Hello! [07:12:53 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: Hello, [07:08:59 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): How are you doing today? [07:13:12 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: I upgraded my device WAG160N to the latest firmware and now it reboots itself every few minutes [07:09:31 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): May I know which country are you based in? [07:14:10 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: I am based in the UK and I have an Annes A WAG160N. [07:10:28 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): I would like to request you to provide me with the Serial Number of the Linksys device (you would find it on the flip side of the device on the Linksys logo ) [07:14:42 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: OK just a minute [07:11:01 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: SSHOOH312199 [07:11:38 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): Just in case our chat gets disconnected, may I have your phone number and your email address please? [07:16:08 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: +** ** **** ***** [07:12:20 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: ****@**********.com [07:12:32 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): Thank you for the information. [07:16:55 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): To resolve this issue we need to downgrade the firmware version to 1.10 [07:17:14 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: OK but why have a 1.12 on the site? [07:13:59 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: How do I get 1.10 [07:14:15 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: hello? [07:14:59 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): I will be sending you the firmware via email [07:19:24 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): You will get the firmware after this chats session [07:21:33 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: OK, will there be a version 13 to fix this issue, if so when. [07:18:00 AM]
    Harsh (46139E): At this moment we don't have the Information however any Information regarding this will be first placed on our website [07:22:56 AM]
    Amir Azarmi: Ok I will await the email, bye. [07:19:13 AM]
    'Amir Azarmi' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user'). [07:19:45 AM]

  5. the linksys support sucks ... they are bullshit ... i will find my chat scripts and post them soon ....
    they are just gfn ....

  6. I am having lots of trouble with this router, I lose wireless connection every 10 minutes or so, but when I connect through the cable, it works ok.
    This does not do what it was purchsed for, so, time to through in the garbage bin.

    My msg "Don't waste your money on a similar router"